Saturday, January 14, 2017

Civics Redefined: Indoctrination at Universities?


A report entitled Making Citizens: How American Universities Teach Civics recently released by the National Association of Scholars, a network of scholars and citizens commited to academic freedom, disinterested scholarship, and excellence in American higher education, reveals the extensive indoctrination taking place in the name of “New Civics”. “New Civics” is Civics redefined as progressive political activism.  an up-to-date version of volunteerism and good works. “Instead of teaching college students the foundations of law, liberty, and self-government, colleges teach students how to organize protests, occupy buildings, and stage demonstrations. Though camouflaged with soft rhetoric, the New Civics, properly understood, is an effort to repurpose higher education.”

  • The transformation includes:
  • De-carbonizing the economy
  • Massively redistributing wealth,
  • Intensifying identity group grievance
  • Curtailing the free market
  • Expanding government bureaucracy
  • Elevating international “norms” over American Constitutional law
  • Disparaging our common history and ideals

breitbart.comThe report’s findings suggest that the suppression of free speech on college campuses that is making headlines is only the tip of a very large iceberg. What lies beneath the surface is a massive, publicly funded program of indoctrination through a remaking of the curriculum as a vehicle for advancing the political agenda of progressivism.



The “New Civics” can accurately be called indoctrination because it is far more ambitious and open than the left-liberal bias in classroom instruction encountered by students for decades. Yes, 90% of college faculty in the liberal arts and humanities are liberal and progressive, and classroom propaganda

is a growing problem, but the “New Civics” has ambitions for transforming the entire institution and all academic disciplines into “change agents.”

The “New Civics” is replacing traditional “civic literacy,” and it’s campus-wide ambitions have the endorsement and support of university administrators. In public institutions like the four cases documented in the MAKING CITIZENS report, it sees no conflict in using taxpayer dollars to accomplish its progressive mission. Read More



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