Saturday, October 24, 2015

The Public Shaming of Germaine Greer for Daring To Challenge Transgender Propaganda

Germaine Greer the long time champion of women’s issues has violated sacred orthodoxy and has now received a public shaming. The shaming, conducted by the BBC clearly attempted to out Greer as an intolerable bigot, highlighting her aberrant views of transgendered people as insensitive, offensive and insulting.

The shaming occurred after a petition circulated to disinvite Greer from speaking at an event entitled Women in Power: Lessons of the 20-Century.

Rachael Melhuish, the author of the petition to no platform Greer, describes herself as a lover of intersectional feminism and food and is the proud tweeter of the following:

transgender propagandaApparently sex workers are part of the marginalized multitudes that she and others like her feel compelled to stand up for. But I digress.

How to Silence Opposition

The irrepressible logic of their protest, if you can call it that, goes like this…

  • Speech that offends others should be labeled “hate-speech”
  • “Hate speech” should not be allowed in safe spaces (Who knew universities were suppose to be ideologically safe places?).
  • “Hate-speech” should be minimized, controlled and possibly even criminalized
  • People who participate in “hate speech” should be socially punished by shaming, ridicule, being denied honors, promotions, platforms to speak etc..
  • People who disagree with the present groupthink should be labeled “something-phobic” or “something-exclusionary” to marginalize the substance of their arguments without really having a counter argument.
  • These are all readily identifiable propaganda tactics used consistently to silence opposition, not that Rachael and her buddies have any awareness that they are willing propaganda shills.

Free speech welcomes debate and dialogue, silencing opposition belongs to tyrannical cultures not democracies.

To Ms. Greer’s credit she handles the inquisition admirably and never backs down. Belonging to a bygone age when ideas, opinions and lively debate were roadmaps to the truth, she responds with tart, indignation and frustration in the face of trite sentimentalism, and outright deceit.

Intolerance and hatred for anyone expressing a view outside of the approved transgender propaganda has now been enshrined on college campuses. Suffer not the children to hear anything not to their liking.

Must Watch: Greer’s utter honesty and disgust at the ridiculous and relentless line of questioning

In the age of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

G. Orwell

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